During my studies at the IAE Lille, I was in charge of a marketing project to promote the university's MBA program. I produced and directed 6 videos for the university, that are now published in their official social media pages.
All the videos were shot handheld in a Sony A6000
IE-MBA Stories Video Series
A series of 4 videos introducing students from the MBA program, the videos are not focused on their experience in the university or the reason why they study at the university, the sole purpose of the videos is for them to share a small part of who they are, what are their motivations in life or their beliefs.

The purpose of this video is for people to relate to them and understand that regardless of their background and their story they can also be a part of this program
Studio Video Series
The last is a series of videos that were shot in a small studio room at the university of Lille 3. We invited all the students from the program to do a short promotional video and also to answer some questions regarding the program.

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