The story follows an unconventional assassin on a job that changes how he views his life and career.

This short film was one of my graduation projects, the second one being the Ex- Campaigns Project.  It's dark comedy film where main character is a hitman that has a lot of empathy, which puts him in very awkward situations.
The film was official selection and screened in the Expat Shorts category and the Korea Int'l Expat Film Festival 2016
 Written, Directed, Co-Edited, Poster Designed by: Pablo Fuentes Gómez
Shot and Co-edited by: Wesley Chang
Sound Recording by: Michael Lindberg and Joel Elliot
Sound Mixing: Jouni Elo
Cast: Miles Meili, Dean Dawson, Wilfred Lee and Allan Choi
PA: Itan Wong
Hitman Theme Song: Love and Sex - New Blue Death
Special thanks to Marn Han and Aida Portillo de Castro

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