Hola, my is name Pablo Fuentes Gomez and I am a Salvadoran multidisciplinary designer, filmmaker and art director

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Born and raised in El Salvador,  I left my country more than 10 years ago to pursue my professional career. I developed my creative skills in South Korea, and now I am based in the north of France.
My work ranges from creating brands with a strong and engaging visual systems, web design, to artistic posters, motion graphics and even a book. 
I've had the fortune of working in various projects, as a designer,  a filmmaker and as an art director. This has let me expand my vision of how to effectively develop creative ideas and solutions understanding different markets and target audiences.
I am a very opening minded person, always looking for new experiences, to learn and grow as an individual and as a professional. I love to work with teams of people who are as passionate as I am to the craft.
I am a problem solver, a leader and a team player.
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