EX- is my graduation project which consisted on smaller campaigns that provide information and a platform for expats (foreigners that have made their home abroad from their native country, in this case South Korea) to be able to express themselves, share their difficulties but also their joys of living away from their birth place.

The Campaign aims to show some of difficulties people face when living abroad, but also help them transition and be able to live comfortably in their new home country.
EX-Labeling (originally titled ex-generalization) is a campaign that aims to speak against people being tagged as just an outsider (a foreigner). 

The purpose of this campaign is not only to provide Expats a platform to share a part of who they are and what identifies them; but it shows that they are not just "foreigners", but more than that, they are unique, different and have a story to tell.
Ex-Prejudice (originally titled ex-generalization) is a more intimate campaign since it aims for Expats to share experiences they’ve had with prejudice and racism. Sometimes this preconceptions might seem harmless, but for some people this might have a negative effect on their lives.

The purpose of this campaign is to show that it is not fair to assume what type of person someone is just because of the country they came from or just their appearance.
Ex-Homesickness is an anonymous campaign that provides a platform for expats to share what “Home” means to them, based on the idea that “Home” is no longer attached to a physical place, but that home can be anywhere.

By providing stickers with a blank space, people can share with other people, what home means to them , showing others their different perspective of what home means, and also allows them to learn from other’s views in life.
You can download the full case study here

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